Open Access at TUHH

OA-ask-meSince the end of March 2013 Open Access (OA) is a strategical aim of TUHH.

The OA Policy of the TUHH includes as elements of the OA strategy the offering of services to support publishing thorugh the university library as well as the provision of the Institutional Repository of the TUHH, the document server TUBdok for self-archiving pre- and postprints of documents.

In addition starting April 1, 2013, a fund is available for the support of publications in Open Access journals which is financed for three years from the library budget.

Publishing with open access increases the visibility of your research and of the Hamburg University of Technology!

For special retrieval of OA publications the search engine OAISTER and the other one provided by the uinversity library of Bielefeld called BASE is available. BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) is one of the largest seach engines world-wide to look for scholarly content available via Open Access.

Did you miss us?

NetzkabelBlackout at TUHH on August 13th. Not only our web services vanished but all people from the library as well, since we had to close the building.  Fortunately all electricians and technicians stayed behind to get back the power as soon as possible.

By now all web services are up and running again. Thank you everyone who made this possible!

p.s. You can keep any books which were due today til Wednesday.