Goodies for Sternenbrücke

Logo Kinderhospiz Sternebrücke

Again many hands from the TUHH have tackled to support Milli Antolagic when baking cookies and producing truffles as well as homemade jam. As in previous years, they will sell all this delicacies for the benefit of the children’s hospice Sternenbrücke on Wednesday, 11/30/2016, from 9:00am in the library.

Early come ensures a successful shopping!

We ask for your understanding if on Wednesday around the library entrance it will get a bit more noisy!

Books and tinkering

Bücher Origami
At the Sommerfest of the TUHH on June 15, 2016, the TUHH library will be present. With the motto “Bibliothek Buch Basteln” (library book tinkering) you can try to do little handicrafts around books at the library stand (also for adults!).

In addition to upcycling books with book origami or book folding you can produce new books. A minibook for folding offers hints to
selected library services.

cranes as OrigamiOr you try to fold better examples of cranes with Origami than those on the picture. For mayn people this is quite challenging! You find an instruction as video in German language made in the context of an campaign of Friends of the earth Germany (BUND).

Supplementally books are sent on a journey via Bookcrossing), and first books give notice of the coming flea market of books in the TUHH library, starting at June 15, 2016. They can be taken for a donation.

The idea to present book origami at the library stand at TUHH summer festival came from our apprentice Miriam van Radecke, as well as the exhibits on the photo referring to this. The writer of this lines has been in charge for the lightly crashed cranes. 8-)

Wiley online books now in TUBfind

Wiley Online Library
Since the end of April access within the TUHH intranet has been possible to the online books of the publisher Wiley. Now you can find them also in the catalog of the TUHH library.

Until March 2014 we offered access to about 700 titles online. In addition, now you have access to more than 14.000 titles. Via the Wiley Online Library and its browsing function, after a click to view all products of the “Topic” you are interested in, filtering for online books is also possible.

All the books are available until the end of December 2014. Your use of the online books will co-decide which books will be accessible permanently afterwards starting from 2015.

The publisher Wiley is relevant for the TUHH especially because of its books in the areas of chemistry, process engineering and the environmental sciences. But also all other technical and physical sciences’ subjects are part of Wiley’s range of publications mainly in English language. Also the subjects of philosophy and the humanities are represented heavily. Below you find as motivation for poking a biased selection of Wiley online books from different subject areas:
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Sustainability – what is that to me ??

On the occasion of the 1st Sustainability Day at TUHH, the TUHH library contributes to, a few words about the TUHH library striving for sustainability.

Nature in town

Roof greening at TUHH library

As a library, we contribute to various fields of sustainability already:

You, our users behave resource-friendly by borrowing books, since printed books are used repeatedly. We offer downloads and scanning options, additionally we lend USB sticks. This may help to use less paper.

The roof of our building, occupied in 1991, is planted on all three levels. The compact shelving in the stack efficiently saves space when storing printed books. The rotunda brings a lot of brightness inside the building – in some times also a little too much heat. Since the end of 2012 new LED lights along the window front have brought more light to the workplaces at approximately the same power consumption. At the end of the opening times, our Internet computers turn off automatically in the Reading Room. The internal office workplaces use particularly durable printer with the label “Energy Star”. We have already recycled printer cartridges for many years.

And of course we have other goals for the near future : Would you support us in the separation of waste from packaging, paper and residual waste? To realise somewhat more complicated will be a modern management of lighting in the reading area.

Open Access Week 2013

Open Access Week 2013In October as in former years the “International Open Access Week“, this year from October 21 to 27, takes place. To mark this occassion, you find here some news from the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH):

  • This year the TUHH library has offered an Open Access Publishing Fund, to proportionately support the publication of articles in Open Access journals.
  • Already three articles from the TUHH have been funded this year.
  • Due to the funding by the German Research Foundation (DFG) further articles from TUHH scholars to be published in 2014 can be sponsored completely.

More on Open Access support by the DFG you find at the DFG website.

Soon: Promotion week ‘Meeting Point Library’

As in the last years you are invited to a series of events within the national promotion week ‘Meeting Point Library’ from October 24 to 31, 2013 including also 4 contributions by the TUHH library.
The main event of the program of the Hamburg libraries will take place as an award ceremony “HamburgLesen 2013 – Der Buchpreis der Staatsbibliothek (Reading Hamburg 2013 – the book award of the State Libarary)” on October 25, 2013 at 5 pm in the State and University Library Hamburg.

Please note: All events will be in German language. Questions in English during events in the TUHH library are welcome!

Aktionswoche Treffpunkt Bibliothek

Please note that the TUHH library will also be present during the TUHH program on the occasion of the 5th Hamburg Night of Knowledge on Saturday, November 2nd 2013.

Maintenance work in reading rooms from 04-09-13

From Wednesday 04-09-13 the required replacement of smoke detectors will be carried out in our reading rooms. Low nuisances because of construction works will be unavoidable.

At that time also the regulation of the elevator in the reading room will be renewed. Please note that during the fortnightly reconstruction the elevator will not be usable.

We hope for your understanding!

Room closing due to paintwork

Starting Friday, January 11, 2013, 3 pm, the group work room 1011, accessible from the upper reading room, will be closed due to paintwork after plastering the walls in December 2012.

Starting Monday 14, 2013 the room 1005 (CIP-Pool) will be closed for the same reason.

The group work room 1011 will probably be accessible again from Tuesday, January 15, 2013. The computer room (CIP-Pool) 1005 will be open again from Thursday, January 17, 2013.

In the second part of the week because of reconstructing floor covering in the CIP pool 1005 as well as in the group work room 1010.

We apologize for any inconveniences!

Photo: M. Rinne

Plastering walls – Computer room (CIP-Pool) and group work room closed

Starting Friday, December 14, 2012, the rooms 1005 (CIP-Pool) and 1011, accessible from the upper reading room, will be closed.

While the library has to be closed this weekend because of maintenance of technical facilities at this weekend, the TUHH library will use the time to let the room to be plastered.

The group work room 1011 will probably be accessible again from Tuesday, December 18, 2012.

The computer room (CIP-Pool) 1005 will be open again from Wednesday, December 19, 2012.

We apologize for any inconveniences!

Photo: M. Rinne