Saturday 01-03-2014 in TUBfind no availabilities, no online interlibrary loan possible!

Because of maintenance works at our hosting partner GBV online interlibrary loan will not be possible and databases of GBV will not be usable 01-03-2014 during 8:00am – 4:00pm. In TUBfind you will miss the information of availability.
In TUBfind and also in Classic Catalog Interface there could be delays by searching. We apologize for any inconveniences!

TUBfind for everyone

Already since two and a half years we are providing our Discovery System
TUBfind as an alternative for our traditional library catalog. With TUBfind you can find more than in the traditional catalog: our website and the weblog are provided as well as single journal articles (from the database OLC – OnlineContents) and
nationwide licenced content can be found comfortably in one single result list.

In contrast to our conventional catalog, with TUBfind facetting options are coming, to narrow down the result. Exports into literature management tools of your choice of course are also available.

With the relaunch of our homepage, which will come soon, our search option will be switched to TUBfind by default. When you will be searching using the query slot on our homepage, you will get to TUBfind automatically. Queries in our website content or in our blog are also handled with TUBfind. From TUBfind you can switch to our conventional catalog interface at any time, if you wish to. The library account supporting prolonging actions and so on, will be kept in the “old” interface only.

Further information and news about TUBfind and Vufind (the underlying software) are in our TUBfind-Blog. You are welcome to tell us what you think about it by commenting this post or the ones in TUBfind-Blog. We are appreciating your feedback!