Catalog tub.find – new titles missing at present

tub.find in Pad

In the course of the growing together of BSZ and GBV there are starting difficulties, which probably last longer. Therefore our catalog and discovery system tub.find is not up to date since 15-03-2019.

That is why we recommend not only to use our catalog tub.find for literature searches, but also to check in the classic catalog interface whether the title you want is part of the tub. stock. We do it too! Whether inquiries of our users on most diverse channels or locally or also with interlibrary loan orders – we look at present for security in both data base systems.

If you have any questions or need support, please do not hesitate to contact us at the service desk in the library. We ask for your understanding for the confusing situation!

New to the library? 5. tub.find

Our catalog tub.find will help you to find the information you need for your studies. It shows over 450.000 media, their location and availability in the tub. – and all this at a glance!

What does that mean?

In the hit list you will already see what can be borrowed, requested or reserved (free of charge).

What do you find?

  • Books, journals (printed and electronic)
  • eBooks ( also textbooks)



Too many or not enough hits?

Just ask us!

More information:


More Content for Beluga

Beluga – the catalog for Hamburg Libraries – started in  december 2012. From today on, beluga offers a lot more content: millions of articles can be searched via the new article tab. If available links to full text are shown. You can also check the holdings of the other Hamburg Libraries.

Of course: If you are are using TUBfind at TUHH, you are already accustomed to  searching within millions of entries. Also data from Web od Science and wiso databases are only included in TUBfind. But if you are interested in finding out which literature is available within Hamburg Libraries, then you should give the new Beluga a try:

Beluga – the catalog for Hamburg

Beluga is the new catalog for library holdings of Hamburg libraries. Since 3rd December more than 7 million titels from scientific libraries in Hamburg, 6 million titles from German Nationallizenzen and many more articles from Online Contents database are available for discovery.

The Beluga project of Hamburg Libraries has first surfaced in 2010. And til  the end of project in 2010, it has helped libraries to review “their catalog” from customers point of view in more than one way.  Before beluga was to go online for real, it had to undergo a complete technical redesign. Like our own catalog TUBfind beluga is now based on the open source software vufind and makes use of the Central Index of GBV.

Give beluga a try:

TUBfind for everyone

Already since two and a half years we are providing our Discovery System
TUBfind as an alternative for our traditional library catalog. With TUBfind you can find more than in the traditional catalog: our website and the weblog are provided as well as single journal articles (from the database OLC – OnlineContents) and
nationwide licenced content can be found comfortably in one single result list.

In contrast to our conventional catalog, with TUBfind facetting options are coming, to narrow down the result. Exports into literature management tools of your choice of course are also available.

With the relaunch of our homepage, which will come soon, our search option will be switched to TUBfind by default. When you will be searching using the query slot on our homepage, you will get to TUBfind automatically. Queries in our website content or in our blog are also handled with TUBfind. From TUBfind you can switch to our conventional catalog interface at any time, if you wish to. The library account supporting prolonging actions and so on, will be kept in the “old” interface only.

Further information and news about TUBfind and Vufind (the underlying software) are in our TUBfind-Blog. You are welcome to tell us what you think about it by commenting this post or the ones in TUBfind-Blog. We are appreciating your feedback!