Notes on publication in TUHH Open Research (TORE)

Any kind of scientific material can be published on TUHH Open Research (TORE). These requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • The document has to be associated with the TUHH (e.g. it was part of the work of a TUHH staff member or a postgraduate)
  • For any kind of work from students the publication needs to be scientificly relevant. This needs to be confirmed by a TUHH scientific staff member.
    The scientific relvance can be confirmed using this form. Please submit a signed version when uploading your work, if you are a student and want to publish on TORE.

Every publication undergoes a formal check within the library before final publication!

Notes about publication of theses

If you want to publish your doctoral thesis created or supervised by the TUHH on TORE, the association with the TUHH and the scientific relevance are automatically given. When publishing your dissertation on TUHH Open Research, please note – benath the two distinctions below – our special and detailed


  • Publishing for duty
    You may carry out your publication duty by publishing on TORE. In this case you have to deliver additional four printed issues for reference to the university library. For your process slip for the TUHH examination office, which is to be signed by the TUHH library, you also have to upload your digital version to TORE. This version has to be activiated and thus published by the libary there. As already mentioned above, every publication undergoes a formal check within the library before final publication! Please do not come earlier than 2 days with your process slip and the printed copies in the library after uploading your dissertation.
  • Publishing voluntarily
    If your thesis has been or will be published by a publishing company, you have to bring three printed issues to carry out your publication duty. Publishing on TORE is optional in this case. Please talk to your publisher or look into your publishing contract to find out, if you are allowed to publish also on TORE.


  • No copy restrictions and other DRM
    Particularly if you are publishing to carry out your publication duty with TORE, the document must not be copy restricted or access restricted in another way. This is a requirement by the German National Library to ensure long term archivation of the document. If you dont want to waive copy restrictions, please do not publish your document as a doctoral thesis. In this case the publication duty cannot be carried out with tub.dok!
  • DOI (Digital Object Identifier)
    After finishing filling out the form for metadata of your document you get an DOI, which is used to identify your document in the net and makes it citable. You can put this DOI into your documents fulltext. If you want to do that, do it before uploading the file and completing publication process! It’s optional to do that, but it helps to identify printouts of your document.
  • No exchange of fulltext files once they are published
    Please be sure that your file is the completely finished, accepted and publishable version of your thesis and that it’s satisfiing the requirements (e.g. for the first page). It’s impossible to exchange the file once it has been published!