Publishing with Wiley

Journal articles submitted to Wiley by authors from the TU Hamburg can generally be published in Open Access. This can be done either in pure Open Access journals (Gold Open Access) or as a separate activation in a subscription journal (Hybrid Open Access).

In order to secure access to the Wiley journals in the TUHH as well as to support the visibility of TUHH research, TUHH joined the contract between the DEAL project and Wiley Verlag.

Conditions for the payment of costs by the TUHH

Case 1: Gold Open Access:(Partial) Financing

The publisher grants a 20% discount on the list prices for APCs (article processing charges) for all articles submitted by TU researchers in the publisher’s pure Open Access journals which were or will be accepted from 22.01.2019 to 31.12.2021. Unlike the DFG Publication Fund, the APC is not capped at €2000. The costs for publications in Gold OA journals must be collected by you as before. To do this, you can use the project funds you have raised or submit an application for partial funding. The costs will be settled centrally by the TUHH.

List of pure Open Access Journals (Wiley OpenAccess)

Case 2: Hybrid Journals: Cost coverage by TUHH

All articles submitted by TU researchers in paid subscription journals which are accepted for publication from 01.07.2019 until 31.12.2021 can generally be published by the authors in Open Access with a Creative Commons License. The TUHH University Library is responsible for the associated costs. If the article is accepted, the library must also declare that the author is a member of the university or that the costs will be covered. Therefore, when submitting the articles, it is essential to use the correct information as described in the TUHH Affiliation Guideline (Hamburg University of Technology, Institute, TUHH e-mail address)!

List of hybrid journals (Wiley OnlineOpen)

All Article Processing Charges are settled centrally via the University Library at the end of the year.

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