With the project DEAL the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) is negotiating on behalf of the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany with the big STEM publishers Elsevier, Springer Nature und Wiley about nation-wide agreements for licensing e-journals.

Project Deal - negotiating nationwide licensing agreements for e-journals

The aims of DEAL are

  • a fair financial burden to get a wide-scale, lasting digital access to scholarly literature of the participiating publishers for academics in Germany
  • the transformation to open access, from subscription-based to publication-based financing of publishing scholarly information in Germany via Open Access.


What does DEAL mean in concrete terms for the TUHH?

For each of the publishers included in DEAL until now, the project currently has a different impact on the TU Hamburg.


A contract was signed between the DEAL project and Wiley Publishing on 15.1.19. TUHH has joined this contract. As a result, new articles with corresponding authors from the TUHH will be made Open Access worldwide. The contract regulates the payment of publication fees by the TUHH.


There is a transitional agreement for the year 2019 to read SpringerNature journals and to archive this publication year.


The negotiations with the publisher Elsevier have not yet led to any success. There was currently a meeting with the new management of Elsevier.

Since the beginning of 2019 there has only been limited access to Elsevier journal articles within TUHH:

Articles that are no longer available at TUHH can be ordered via interlibrary loan. As a rule, you will receive a paper copy within a week.

In general, it is worth checking whether required articles of a publisher are also available via Open Access.

Articles urgently needed by TUHH researchers can be obtained via a special service of the TU library via document delivery.


DEAL Logo: CC BY 4.0 Projekt Deal