DEAL-Konsortium at TUHH

Nationwide licensing of content from major academic publishers

CC BY 4.0 Projekt Deal

Within the DEAL-Konsortium the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) is negotiating on behalf of the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany with the big STEM publishers Elsevier, Springer Nature und Wiley about nation-wide agreements for licensing e-journals.

The aims of the DEAL-Konsortium are

  • a fair financial burden to get a wide-scale, lasting digital access to scholarly literature of the participiating publishers for academics in Germany
  • the transformation to open access, from subscription-based to publication-based financing of publishing scholarly information in Germany via Open Access.

What does DEAL mean specifically for the TUHH?

For each of the publishers included in DEAL until now, the consortium currently has a different impact on the TU Hamburg.


Contract since 15.1.2019

Supports publishing journal articles from the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) with the publisher Wiley in Open Access and covers reading access to the journals.

Springer Nature

Contract as of 1.1.2020

Supports the publishing of journal articles from the TU Hamburg (TUHH) with the publisher Springer Nature in Open Access and covers the reading access to the journals.


No contract

The initiation of negotiations with the publisher Elsevier for the 2023 licensing period is in preparation.


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Open Access Team of TUHH

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DEAL Article of the TUHH

In the framework of the OpenAPC initiative, DEAL articles and related costs are published as Open Data:

The complete list, filterable by publisher, year and hybrid status, can be found here.