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Forms & Applications

For the Library Card

Registration for a Library Card

Form for registration for a library card.
Please complete before you arrive at the ServicePoint.

Certificate of Employment (TUHH)

Form for certificate of employment or doctorate at the TUHH. Please fill out and hand in at the circulation desk.

Certificate of Employment (Hamburg Universities)

Certificate of employment for employees of state universities in Hamburg.
Please print out the form and hand it in at the circulation desk.

Underage library users

Adolescents up to their 18th birthday (exception: enrolled TUHH male and female students) require permission from their legal guardians when registering.

For Loan

Loss/Damage of Media

If you have lost a book from the library collection, please complete the lost book form and return it to the library.

Authorization for Picking up Media

If you would like to borrow media from the library but are unable to do so in person, you can arrange to be represented. In this case, please present an authorization and your library card when picking up the items.

For Literature Acquisition

Acquisition Proposal

You are welcome to suggest missing books to us for purchase. Please check your book request in our catalog first.

Literature acquisition at the expense of the budget of the TUHH institutes

Acquisition of literature from third-party funds of the TUHH institutes (with information sheet).
Please complete the form and send it to TUHH library via your third-party funding administration (PV42).

Open Access

Publication Fund

Scientists at TUHH who are in young/early career stages can apply for payment of publication fees for articles in open access journals. Please note the funding criteria.

TORE: Confirmation of the scientific relevance of student work

Student work can be published on TUHH Open Research if it is scientifically relevant. This must be confirmed by the academic mentor of the thesis at TUHH. Please upload the completed form together with the thesis.

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