Stock Profile

The University Library acquires literature on engineering sciences in German and in English and, in exceptional cases, also in other foreign languages. Specialist areas include: mechanical engineering and material sciences, electrical engineering, computer engineering, information technology and technomathematics, process engineering and environmental studies, civil engineering, logistics and management sciences. Every effort is made to purchase almost all new German publications whereas a selection of the new Anglo-American publications is made. According to the development of the TUHH also literature from the fields of activity like energy, life sciences, shipbuilding and aviation is procured. In addition the requirements for training in the so-called Soft Skills subjects is fulfilled to a large extent. Specific technical forms of literature such as DIN standards are also offered or references provided to the customer. In the case of the physical sciences the library purchases those titles which have a fundamental and application-oriented character.

Special stocks of the former Institute for Shipbuilding (IfS) in the fields of ship engineering and ship operation are held by the library. Stocks from the library of the Swiss mechanical engineering company Sulzer as well as the library of the former Research Institute for Sewage Treatment (Sielklär-Versuchsstation) Hamburg-Eppendorf are also kept at the University Library.

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