Behind the Scenes

The library staff ensure that media, information and literature are made available and procured as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

  • The user’s department takes care of the service areas in the reading rooms (information and loans), document supply and the closed stacks which accommodates almost 400,000 volumes.
  • The media processing section ensures that media are procured and made accessible as quickly as possible.
  • Subject librarians of the scientific service department are responsible for selecting literature, co-ordinating acquisitions and making the media available. These librarians are also available for specialist information retrieval and for mediating specialized information literacy.
  • The computer department takes care of the comprehensive information technology. The library administration supports the management in the areas of budgeting and staff.
  • Co-operation partners are: the computer centre of the TUHH, other libraries in Hamburg, the “Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund” (GBV) (Joint Library Union) of 7 German federal states as well as specialized organizations and commercial business partners.

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