How to use the Shipbuilding Documentation

Structure of Subject Indexing

Starting with a consecutive card number and followed by the subject indexing then author, article title, the source and a brief summary is given, often referred to numerical data (such as the ships dimensions, capacity, the drive power of the engines, etc.) to the described ships.

The index cards were accessible according to the following aspects:Example of a STG catalog card

  • Sectionalized Index: STG-Notation
  • Sectionalized Index: DK-Notation (only for some cards)
  • Name of Ships


You can search a single word or a search phrase. The search term is searched truncated in the index of all cards. The first card that contains the search string is displayed and the number of hits. Among the other results can be navigated using the arrows.

Searching Special

Remember that the text through OCR (optical character recognition = optical character recognition) is converted automatically and “read error” can occur. In particular, for example, the character “3” and “5” could be the reason for error identification and confusion of the numbers. The same applies for example for the letter “P” and “F”. By omitting this critical characters in the search string in some cases, so the number of hits are greatly increased.

It is helpful, after finding one of the most relevant search tab, use the STG-Notation or the DK-Notation in the search box to search for more literature references.