History of Shipbuilding Documentation

In the period 1962-1992, the Schiffbautechnische Gesellschaft e.V. – STG – (The German Society for Maritime Technology) has operated a “Documentation Center Marine Technology”, which drove a large distortion of the shipbuilding and literature created. Evidence is mainly German-language literature, but there is also evidence of selection in English, French, Japanese, Dutch, Russian and Polish literature. A copy of this documentation file was acquired from the Hamburg University of Technology and placed in the University Library. It included about 90,000 references: shipbuilding and marine engineering (design, manufacture and operation), but also the appropriate topics like fluid mechanics and materials engineering, electrical engineering, control and feedback control systems, the measurement technique and data processing in marine technology are listed.

In 2005 the STG, represented by their Chairman Professor Dr.-Ing. Eike Lehmann, granted the right to reproduce (providing this information on the Internet) to the University Library of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). The catalogue cards were scanned and the index is made ??available on the internet since May 2007.