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Chemistry Dictionary for Word Processors
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Hinweise:Literatur: On Creating a Chemistry Dictionary File. In: The ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry, Inaugural Issue.
104.000 Worte, für Chemikalien und chemische Begriffe, mit Download-Link, zur Einbindung in Textverarbeitungsprogramme.
Anleitung:The dictionary is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. The dictionary is compatible for Microsoft Office (Windows or Mac), and Open Office (Windows or Linux). The install file includes instructions for upgrading old versions and installing it for the first time. The dictionary should be useful for all chemists. However, I am an organic chemist. Thus, the dictionary was created from an organic chemist\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s mindset. It will probably be most useful for organic chemists.
  • Chemie
Keywords, Chemie, Organische Chemie, Wörterbuch, Wörterbuch
Publication formWWW (Online-Datenbank)
Database typeWörterbuch, Enzyklopädie, Nachschlagewerk 
Publisher(c) Adam M. Azman, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Berichtszeitraum:Version 2.0 (2008)