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Biblioteca Ambrosiana (Katalog der Zeichnungen)
Other names: Inventory-Catalogue of the Drawings
Online Inventory-Catalogue of the Ambrosiana Drawings
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In cooperation with the Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan, Italy, Professor Robert Randolf Coleman of the University of Notre Dame is producing this inventory-catalogue of the Ambrosianas collection of some 12,000 drawings by European artists who were active from the fourteenth through nineteenth centuries. To assist researchers who wish to learn about the works represented in this important historical collection, the project database, which includes scanned images of the drawings, may be searched free-of-charge from this site. Of the 12,000 drawings in the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, descriptions for 7,553 drawings are currently available for online searching; images are now accessible for drawings with ND Cat. Nos. 1-5156.
  • Kunstgeschichte
Keywords, Federico Borromeo, Kunstgeschichte 1300-1900
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Database typeFachbibliographie