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Please note: This list of databases is itself a database (DBIS - "Database Info-System"). We tried to translate as much as possible to make this tool more useful for our english speaking patrons. Still, some content will only show up in german.


Vision of Britain Through Time, A
Other names: A Vision of Britain between 1801 and 2001
Including Maps, Statistical Trends and Historical Descriptions
Recherche starten: http://www.visionofbritain.org.uk/
AvailabilityFreier Zugang
A Vision of Britain Through Time bietet historisch-geographische Informationen zu Großbritannien. Recherchiert werden kann in den Kategorien Places, Statistical atlas, Historical maps, Census reports und Travel writing.
  • Geographie
  • Geschichte
  • Soziologie
KeywordsGeschichte 1800-, Großbritannien, Historische Geographie, Historische Karte, Historische Landeskunde, Reisebericht, Volkszählung
Publication formWWW (Online-Datenbank)
Database typePortal 
PublisherUniversity of Portsmouth, Geography Department
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