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Please note: This list of databases is itself a database (DBIS - "Database Info-System"). We tried to translate as much as possible to make this tool more useful for our english speaking patrons. Still, some content will only show up in german.


Other names: Discovering Music Archives
Dismarc Search Portal
Recherche starten: https://www.dismarc.org/
AvailabilityFreier Zugang
DISMARC is jointly administered by Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) and Angewandte Informationstechnik Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (AIT). For music archives, the future is digital. On-line access secures content owners a foothold in the marketplace, whether cultural or commercial. Europe’s cultural heritage deserves the widest possible exposure, and Europeana, the EU’s flagship cultural heritage web portal, supports this aim. DISMARC aggregates music for Europeana. And not only music: DISMARC also aggregates music-related items including videos, photographs, books, documents and manuscripts. Via DISMARC, content providers (archives, broadcasters, museums, universities, research institutes, private collectors) open up their collections to the wider world. DISMARC collects metadata from participating archives, maps it to a Europeana-compliant protocol, and stores it securely. By browsing DISMARC, users are able to simultaneously search all participating archives and collections, including Europeana.
  • Musikwissenschaft
KeywordsArchiv, Musik
Publication formWWW (Online-Datenbank)
Database typePortal 
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