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Please note: This list of databases is itself a database (DBIS - "Database Info-System"). We tried to translate as much as possible to make this tool more useful for our english speaking patrons. Still, some content will only show up in german.


Skånes musiksamlingar - Skania music collections
Other names: The Folklife Archives with the Scania Music Collections
Folklivsarkivet med Skånes musiksamlingar
Recherche starten: https://www.folklivsarkivet.lu.se/en/the-scan...
AvailabilityFreier Zugang
The Scania Music Collections is part of the Folklife Archives in Lund. Like other Swedish regional archives for folk music the main task is to document, take care of and make available local music. The collection are a resource for research purposes, education and practical use as well.
  • Ethnologie (Volks- und Völkerkunde)
  • Musikwissenschaft
KeywordsMusik, Volkskunde
Publication formWWW (Online-Datenbank)
Database typePortal 
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