Supplementary regulations to Terms of Use for the University Library TUHH

    • Current opening hours: Mo-Fr 9am- 9pm, Sa 8am-8pm, Su 10am-8pm
    • Valid library card: Please scan your library card at the entrance control. The contact details are stored by the library for 4 weeks as part of the preventive health care for possible control by the public health department.
    • When visiting the library, a medical mask (OP mask or FFP2) must be worn.
    • The distance of 1,5 metres must always be maintained.
    • In order to maintain the distances, only a limited number of people may stay in the library at any one time. The instructions of the security staff must be followed.
    • Accessible are self-service lending and return, the fee-machine for short-term stays, as well as scanners and copiers for short-term use.
    • Individual workstations in the reading room are only accessible by reservation. The medical mask must also be worn at the reserved place in the reading room.
    • The positioning of the tables at the individual workplaces must not be changed.
    • Only the reserved seat is to be taken. A transfer to other free seats is only permitted by means of a new reservation.

Please be advised that the following incidents constitute a violation of the COVID19 House Rules:

* Failure to wear a medical mask when sitting at your desk or moving around the library
* Failure to maintain a distance of 1.5 m from other people.

These violations will result in restrictions on use with immediate effect:
* in the case of a single offence – immediate ban from the premises on the same day
* in case of repeated offence – house ban for the workplaces for up to 4 weeks.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

For information or requests please contact us

  • via e-mail to the library (bibliothek@tuhh.de).
  • on-site or by telephone Mo-Thu 9am– 7pm, Fr 9am -6pm under 040 42878 2845.

Gez. B. Rajski, tub., 01.09.2021