Books and tinkering

At the Sommerfest of the TUHH on June 15, 2016, the TUHH library will be present. With the motto “Bibliothek Buch Basteln” (library book tinkering) you can try to do little handicrafts around books at the library stand (also for adults!). In addition to upcycling books with book origami or book folding you can produce

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Thinking about sustainability

Reflection about sustainability is important in a society, whose present and whose future depends on science and technology and which is urged to develop sustainably. This also implies reflection about science – about its characteristics, its theories, its methods, its purposes, its visibility and its benefits. Giving alternatives a chance within research and technology appears

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Sustainability – what is that to me ??

On the occasion of the 1st Sustainability Day at TUHH, the TUHH library contributes to, a few words about the TUHH library striving for sustainability. As a library, we contribute to various fields of sustainability already: You, our users behave resource-friendly by borrowing books, since printed books are used repeatedly. We offer downloads and scanning

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New online books on mathematics

New in the TUHH library: Online-Books from Cambridge University Press. A great deal of the online-books are from mathematics: Generalized vectorization, cross-products, and matrix calculus / Darrell A. Turkington. 2013 Classical algebraic geometry : a modern view / Igor V. Dolgachev. 2012 A Short course in computational science and engineering : C++, Java and Octave

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