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New to the library? 3. Textbook Collection

In the textbook collection you will find introductory literature in multiple copies, which you will need at the beginning of your studies and for the first exams. You will find them on the ground floor of the library in the left area of the reading room.

The books are sorted alphabetically by subject group. You can see which subject group a book is assigned to by looking at the accession number. The first two letters there indicate the subject group in each case (see example).

Hits in the catalogue with textbook signature
Item from the library catalogue with explanation of the accession number

In the textbook collection, you will find, for example, Agricultural Sciences (AG) in the first shelf block, Mathematics (MA) and Mechanical Engineering (MS) in the middle block, and Process Engineering (VT) and Materials Science (WK), among others, follow at the back of the window.

If all copies are borrowed, you can:

  • search the catalog for a digital copy
  • use the so-called “Präsenzexemplar”. This can not be borrowed, so it can always be used in the reading room during opening hours.
  • submit a book request for purchase by the library.
General plan of the textbook collection
Overview plan of the textbook collection
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