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Server switchover- the library opens at 12 noon

A person walks into the librarie's entrance.

Update 15.02.2022, 14:30 pm: The server move is complete. Currently, normal operations have largely resumed.

Update 15.02.2022, 12:45 pm: Unfortunately, restrictions on use continue at present. The following services are currently not available: Reservation online, lending and return, pay machine.

On Tuesday, 15th February, the University Library will not open until 12 noon.
Due to the relocation of the entire library system to a new server, lending and catalogue functions will temporarily not be available. This also applies to the reservation of individual work desks.
Since operating system of the previous servers is no longer being developed further, continued use of the current system could lead to security and supply issues with the hardware and software in the long term. Therefore, a modernisation of the system became necessary.

With the opening at noon on 15.02.2022, all services are expected to be available as usual.

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