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Citavi 6 goes Cloud

Long awaited and today it’s time: Citavi 6 is released. The most important change is the Citavi Cloud.

Hand with Cloud

Save projects to the cloud

With Citavi 6 you can store your projects online in the Citavi Cloud on data centers in Amsterdam and Magdeburg. So you can edit a Citavi project on different computers, at the TUHH or at home. You can also work on your cloud project if you are not connected to the Internet at all. Your changes will be automatically updated as soon as you reconnect. The storage space is the cloud is unlimited. The only limitation is the size of the linked files. A PDF file may not exceed 100 MB in size, and each other file may not exceed 50 MB.

Saving in the cloud is an additional way for you to edit your data. You can also store your project locally on your computer, network drive, central server or external hard disk. You can switch the disk space at any time: from your computer to the cloud or from the cloud to your computer.

Five steps to Citavi 6

  • Learn about new features (https://www.citavi.com/c6new), changes (https://www.citavi.com/c6changed) and the upgrade process (https://www.citavi.com/c6upgrade).
  • Download the setup of Citavi 6 (https://www.citavi.com/download).
  • Uninstall older Citavi versions. Your projects and settings remain unaffected.
  • Install Citavi 6 and log in with your Citavi account data. Signing up for Citavi replaces the previous process of entering license data. So please use your TUHH e-mail address. Forgot your password? You can reset it using the login form (https://www.citavi.com/login).
  • The Start Wizard helps you to convert your old projects into the new Citavi-6 format. Your Word document will be copied by Citavis Word Add-in the first time you open it and the fields it contains will be converted for Citavi 6.
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