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Books and tinkering – Sommerfest 2017

Origami with and without booksStimulating little handicrafts around books (also for adults!) is the topic of the TUHH library stand at the Sommerfest of the TUHH on June 28, 2017. You can find the TUHH library (no. 48) in front of the entrance to building K (Denickestr. 15).

In addition to upcycling books with book origami or book folding you can produce new books. A minibook for folding offers hints to selected library services.

Or you try to fold better examples of cranes with Origami than those on the picture. For mayn people this is quite challenging! You find an instruction in German language made in the context of an 2012 campaign of Friends of the earth Germany (BUND).

Supplementally books are sent on a journey via Bookcrossing and Thursday, June 29th 2017, there will be a book flea market in the TUHH library.


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