Most used online books at TUHH in 2015

The TUHH library (tub.) spent 80 % of its media budget for digital resources last year. Following you find an overview on the most used online books in 2015. Most of its meida budget the tub. paid for scholarly journals.

The following lists illustrate the thematic diversity as well as the diversity of the publishers whose online books are part of the tub. holdings. Particlularly good used has been online books of publishers where tub. already has a large qunatity of digital books and journals.

Online books most used at TUHH in 2015

The Top 3 have been taken by works of the publisher Springer:


Further heavily used online books (publisher based):

Springer (All more than 1700 requests)


Hanser (More than 500 requests)


Elsevier via ScienceDirect (More than 600 requests)


Wiley (Morethan 350 requests)


De Gruyter (More than 200 requests)


CRC Press (More than 90 requests)


Insitute of Physics (60 and more requests)


Cambridge University Press (More than 50 requests)


MIT Press (More than 50 requests)

For most of the publishers above the tub. generally only offers a careful selection of titles available overall. In case of the publishers Elsevier, Hanser and Wiley the tub. has licenced access to the total supply for a predefined range of time. After this, the most important, what normally means the most used online books will be purchased permanently.