Citavi 5 support PDF annontations

Citavi has released version 5 with many new features in April. Campus licence for TUHH is valid for Citavi 5 as well as for Citavi 4.
Das ist neu in Citavi 5
One thing has not changed though: Citavi has remained a proprietary programm which requires MS Windows. But if you are a Windows user you might enjoy the new features to read, annotate, and analyze full texts in PDF format:

  • Highlight important text passages in Citavi.
  • Link quotations and tasks to a specific place in the text, so you can quickly find a passage again when you begin writing your paper — from the Word Add-In as well.
  • It works the other way as well — directly display comments or tasks by clicking the place in the text they refer to.
  • Save tables and images from a PDF as image quotations.
  • Quickly add keywords to a reference by using the keywords in the PDF file.
  • Import highlights created with another PDF program (for example, on a tablet) so that you can work away from your laptop or desktop computer.
  • Export annotations into the PDF file, to make the information available to others or in order to work with the document on another device.

For questions regarding Citavi 5 please refer to the Citavi 5 manual or visit the Citavi Support Forum.

Photo: Citavi