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Derwent Innovations Index - Training page

One of the most important patent databases, the Derwent Innovations Index von Thomson Scientific, is available within the TUHH intranet! Tutorials and materials for training on how to use the Derwent Innovation Index are available from the provider.

The Derwent Innovations Index includes patents from more than 40 patent agencies like the European and the Japanes Patent Offices, the United States Patent and Trademark Office as well as the leading national European offices including Germany, France and Great Britain as well as the important Asian agencies from China, India, Korea and Taiwan.

Within the research process patent applications are often the first published account of the invention and it may also be the only published account. About 60 % of the information described in patents are not published elsewhere. The Derwent Innovations Index includes more than 14.3 million inventions in about 30 million documents from all areas of chemistry, electronics and technology from 1963.

Full texts of Patents are available for free from the patents offices!