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Elsevier acquires Mendeley

Mendeley LogoThe Mendeley team has confirmed the rumors: Team Mendeley is joining Elsevier.

Mendeley has been a rather popular reference mangament tool combined with a web-based social network. According to their post, only little will change for their users. As a bonus storage space will be increased. The free version of Mendeley is to be continued.

The Mendeley team realizes, that they will encounter critical reactions in the academic community for their decision :

Of course, we are aware that – especially in the past year – the academic community has criticized Elsevier for some of its policies and positions. Our own relationship with Elsevier has been conflicted at times.

From their point of view however, the assets have been in favor of joining the publisher:

In sum, the overlap between Elsevier’s and our vision has always been remarkable. Combining Elsevier’s content, analytics tools, and long-standing publisher/society relationships with Mendeley’s collaboration platform and social data will enable both of us to develop amazing new services that will make your research life easier.

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