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Reference work Comprehensive Renewable Energy online!

New in 2013: Reference work Comprehensive Renewable Energy (Ed.-in-chief Ali Sayigh. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2012), printed volume with shelf number ENI-140 (not for loan).

The single volumes of Comprehensive Renewable Energy:

  • Volume 1: Photovoltaic Solar Energy
  • Volume 2: Wind Energy
  • Volume 3: Solar Thermal Systems: Components and Applications
  • Volume 4: Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology
  • Volume 5: Biomass and Biofuel Production
  • Volume 6: Hydro Power
  • Volume 7: Geothermal Energy
  • Volume 8: Ocean Energy

Citation from publisher’s website:

“Comprehensive Renewable Energy is the only multi-volume reference work of its type that explores renewable energy sources as increasingly realistic alternatives to fossil fuels. As the majority of information published for the target audience is currently available via a wide range of journals, seeking relevant information (be that experimental, theoretical, and computational aspects of either a fundamental or applied nature) can be a time-consuming and complicated process.”

Further important reference works within subjects of TUHH research centers:

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